How to upgrade your existing PAST4 license

PAST5 uses the same licensing model as PAST4. See here for details on the PAST5 licensing model.

Existing PAST4 licenses can easily be upgraded to PAST5. To upgrade your license please follow these steps:


  • Contact SCIEM to receive a quote for an upgrade.

  • Plug in your PAST4 USB license key on a computer that has PAST5 installed. Make sure to install the USB license key driver together with the program.

  • Start the program. PAST5 will display an Upgrade dialog.

  • Copy the authentication code to the clipboard.You can use the button to the right of the code to copy it.
  • Repeat this process with any other USB license keys you want to upgrade.

  • Send the authentication code(s) by email to DonĀ“t forget to add your current invoice address.


  • As soon as we received your activation code(s) we will prepare and send your invoice. This is usually done electronically as PDF file. If you need a paper version please let us know.

  • Together with the invoice you will receive your activation code(s). These are delivered electronically by email. Usually you can expect to receive your activation codes within 24 hours after initializing the upgrade process.

  • After receiving your activation codes, plug in your USB license key(s), start PAST5, paste the activation code into the appropriate field and click Activate.
Trial period
Each PAST4 USB license key contains an evaluation license that allows to start and fully use PAST5 up to 20 times.
  • Download and install PAST5
  • Plug in your PAST4 USB license key. Make sure to have the USB key driver installed. This can be done during the PAST5 installation. If the driver is already installed with PAST4, this will work as well.
  • Start PAST5 by clicking on the desktop icon.
  • PAST5 will display an upgrade dialog. You can see the number of trial runs left.
  • Click Trial Run to start the program.
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