The USB key

Unfortunately we live in a world where more and more people tend to accept the use of unlicensed software as normal.

The PAST software is protected by a hardware copy protection method using an USB based Crypto key produced by the world leader of copy protection techniques. Only if this key is present on a PC the software will run properly (roaming license).

We were forced to introduce this method to eliminate the growing number of illegal copies of this software that were spread in the Internet and the software license infringement that is often commited by multiple installations and simultaneous use of a single software license on several computers.

We are confident that this copy protection technique will not interfere with your daily work with licensed copies of this software.

Do not loose your USB key!

The USB key holds your license informations and is personalized for you. The USB key has an extended two year warranty against hardware failure. If the USB key has a hardware defect within the two year period, we will replace it for free upon sending back the original key. After the two year period we will replace defect hardware keys charging the actual hardware price for a new USB key.

It is not possibleĀ to replace keys without sending back the original key!

How it works

Upon starting PAST without the USB key you will be prompted to enter the key or start the program in demo mode. In demo mode all saving, printing and copying is disabled. All other functions are enabled. To put the program into full mode, you must close it, attach the USB key and restart the software.

If you remove the USB key while PAST is running in full mode, you will be prompted to reconnect the USB key or continue in demo mode. Please note that if you switch to demo mode at this point you cannot save your work any more!

You may install the software on as many computers as you like. By connecting the key to any of these computers you activate the software on this PC. By disconnecting the USB key the activation of the software on this PC ceases.

If you have problems to access the USB ports of your PC for connecting/disconnecting the USB key (on many desktop models the USB port is on the back) you can use a USB extension cable and connect the key to this cord. USB extension cables are available at most computer shops and can be also ordered from SCIEM. The use of the USB key with external USB hubs is possible.

Additional license keys

You can order additional (volume) licenses of PAST4 at bulk prices. Volume licenses will be invoiced to the same address as the original license and may only be used by persons working within the same organisation. Selling, hiring or lending of individual USB keys of a volume license to persons not part of the licensing organisation are a violation of the software license agreement that you signed by installing and using the software resulting in a loss of all licenses of the product.

To receive a quote for additional licenses please contact us by mail.

Selling licenses

If you want to sell your license to a third party the USB key needs to be reprogrammed with the new license informations. This must be done by SCIEM. For our efforts we will charge a handling fee plus shipping costs to the new licensee. Please understand that it is not allowed to sell/hire/lend individual USB keys of a volume license to another person/institution.

lowe The USB key is made of inox steel and withstands heavy abuse. It contains your personal license Information and serves to activate the PAST Software on a certain PC.

COCĀ“s (Certifications of conformity) of our USB keys are available for the following norms: