When will PAST5/OSM4 be released and why took it so long?

An update of PAST4 was planned and worked on since 2009, as soon as the works on LabLog and L.M.S. where finished. From the beginning a facelifted graphical user interface, the use of antialiasing graphs and support for larger quantities of data in a project were high on the priority list. During the coding it soon became evident that the code base of PAST4 would need too much changes to accomplish our goals. We therefore decided to start from scratch. In between a very demanding dendro Project of our University partner VIAS needed our full attention and ultimatively led to the complete rewrite of OSM – the demands were high: 25.000 low ring width charcoal samples from the stone age Wachtberg site in Krems, Austria needed to be prepared, scanned with a raster electron microscope, measured with OSM and ultimatively analyzed and synchronized with PAST. Since on an average REM scan only a couple of rings are visible OSM had to learn measuring on multi-framed stitched images, and this took some time. In mid 2012 we started using early versions of PAST5 for this and other projects so the program grew while it was heavily used. The release of the Tellervo Web Service came as a surprise and we decided to implement some basic support in the first PAST5 release. Technical difficulties with that slowed the progress and the release date had to be postponed further.

PAST5 was released on February 1st, 2014.
OSM4 followed on September 10th, 2014.

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