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In cooperation with VIAS, the Vienna Institute for Archaeological Science of the University of Vienna SCIEM is dedicated to the developing soft- and hardware products for dendrochronological and related purposes since 1995.

If you need further assistance for any of our products please contact us by email.

Critical updates for PAST5 and OSM4 (October 10th, 2016)

Prior to the latest build (600 for PAST5, 1002 for OSM4), both PAST5 and OSM4 sometimes consume CPU cycles unnecessarily. The latest update brings down the CPU usage for both programs in idle mode. Please download and install from here.

Issues with PAST4 and Windows 10 (December 21st, 2015, October 2018)

Several customers reported instabilites when running PAST4 on the most actual Microsoft operating system, Windows 10/Server 2016. This is caused by an incompatibility between the compiler used to create PAST4 and the Windows 10 operating system. PAST4 cannot be used with Windows 10/Server 2016! We therefore encourage all existing PAST4 users to upgrade to PAST5 at your earliest convenience! Alternatively you may use PAST4 in a virtual environment (VMWare, Hyper-V, VirtualBox) but this is not supported by SCIEM.

N.B.: Licensed Users with a PAST4 USB key may run PAST5 with all features enabled for 20 times. Updating from a PAST4 to a PAST5 license can be done electronically. See here for information on upgrading existing PAST4 licenses to PAST5. To receive the upgrade, please contact us for a quote.

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